About Earthworks

Earthworks is an environmental learning center sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. We believe passionately that all species and systems on our planet are interdependent.  So we offer programs and experiences that teach people how to live in harmony with all of Earth's inhabitants, respecting the interconnectedness that gives all actions, even the simplest, important consequences.

Earthworks was begun in 1989 by a dedicated group of individuals whose hope was to model responsible and sustainable living. Over time, the mission of Earthworks evolved into a multi-faceted educational endeavor. Based on the belief that education is critical in the effort to protect our fragile planet, Earthworks began offering programs for adults and children.

Today, Earthworks offers a rich variety of programs and experiences, all directed by the belief that people must learn to live sustainably. The Earthworks campus is rich in natural ecosystems as well as in opportunities to grow in appreciation for the world of nature. There are wetlands, a forest environment, and a small lake. In addition, Earthworks has herb and vegetable gardens and a teaching greenhouse.